Shifting Gears in Hammondal

The main "poster" map of Hammondal is complete. It'll still evolve as the book progresses, of course, but it's nice to see it all together ... or even pointedly dissected.

I've begun work on some building interior maps and accompanying exterior building elevations, and I've never drawn elevations before, so I'm at the kind-of-thrilling, kind-of-depressing "I am very very bad at this" phase with them. But, that's where I started with everything else, too, so I'm just going to draw at least one a day until I draw one that doesn't suck, and then from there I'll start really digging into what role they can play in the book. I don't consider their presence optional ... I'm spoiled on elevations from things like Pelinore, and from the WFRP line, and I regard them as an essential ingredient in this kind of book. I think I'll do nice ones, someday, after this run of awful ones.

I'll probably do some more posts about the design of the core game material in Hammondal. I've tried sparking design discussions on Twitter, but Twitter doesn't seem conducive to that sort of thing, so I might shout it more into this void, than that one. Speaking of Twitter:

I don't know if my most honest response to this is "Don't make me choose!" or "Wait ... Politics?"

Anyway, I'm also getting back to mapping the Candle Islands themselves (that's where Hammondal is), and just diving deep into the writing of the Hammondal book. That part's going much, much better than the elevation drawings ... but it's nice to mix something where my skills are confident with something where my skills are ... nonexistent. So far. But give me a few weeks ...

Hope this finds you well. Let me know what you're up to!