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Cumberland Games & Diversions is a digital RPG publisher and font foundry. I founded Cumberland in 1999, and until 2016 maintained independence. In 2016, due to health concerns, Cumberland became an OBS publisher, and in 2018 I took the old independent website down. This page stands as a brief guide to some of what Cumberland brings to tabletop gaming. If you're here about a font, click here. If you're more interested in pen-and-paper roleplaying games, read on! Some of Cumberland's most exciting releases are still on the way.

Risus: The Anything RPG

Risus predates Cumberland; it turned 25 in 2018, and it's still one of the friendliest little RPGs around, enjoying a huggy worldwide fanbase and a fan-club called the International Order of Risus. It's also free. For the game and some extras, visit its home at DriveThruRPG. For official news, try the Mailing List. For community, begin here (and follow links and discussions for more). Risus is also available from a handful of regular eBook stores, including Google Play, iTunes, and Nook.

Uresia: Grave of Heaven

A warm little fantasy world of whimsy and horrors, wonders and cookery and sarcastic Slimes. Uresia is part of Cumberland's All-Systems Library, which means it's all lore, all substance, and it all works with any flexible fantasy RPG. You can get it in digital form at DriveThru, and in physical form at Lulu. There's also some supplementary material, and I post maps and things over at DA.

Lisa Steele's Medieval Sourcebooks

I'm proud to publish two excellent books by Lisa Steele: Fief and Town. Lisa's an accomplished researcher, medievalist, gamer and all-around scholar, and she lays out some evocative details about the real Middle Ages you can adapt to your gaming table or just read for pleasure. They're available digitally at DriveThru (Fief here, Town here) and physically at Lulu.

Points in Space

Points in Space: Starport Locations is kind of historical as such things go. It was the world's second independent commercial gaming PDF, appearing long before sites like DriveThruRPG even existed. And that's kind of cool, but it's cooler for what it's always been: lots of locations you can drop into your space-opera RPG campaign. It's another part of the All-Systems Library, so it's 100% gameable stuff.

Encounter Critical

This little science-fantasy monstrosity is gaming from another past, and it's some of my best work, and some of my worst work, and the worst part is the best part and if you understand what I mean, please explain it back to me sometime. Encounter Critical is something of a love-it-or-hate-it, fight-or-flight proposition, but you'll never know until you try. Get it digital at DriveThru, physical at Lulu. And do you enjoy the occasional text-adventure game? It's got one: Treasures of a Slaver's Kingdom. Plus a mailing list all its own!

The Pokéthulhu Adventure Game

You're 10 years old. You're our last hope. Armed with a Shining Dodecahedron and the elder incantations to make it work, you capture the monsters and train them to use their power. Is your Shoplifting score good enough to sneak a page from your opponent's Pokénomicon? Is your trained Jigglypolyp powerful enough to defeat a devolved Fungal Cluster? This is the world of Pokéthulhu, and now it's yours to save - or conquer!

The Cumberland Fontworks

I began making fonts as RPG-specific projects, but the fontworks have taken on a life of their own, and you can spot Cumberland fonts in every aisle of the supermarket, on the big screen at the movies, on the small screen on TV shows, on bottles of booze, on hand-made knives, on t-shirts and books and billboards and magazines and ... everywhere, really. I've also done a lot of custom fontwork, for clients ranging from Italian biscotti makers to Dollar Shave Club to Pixar. So drop me a line if you're looking to license or seek custom work, or visit sites like DaFont if you're looking to browse, or the next entry if you need lots of RPG minis in font form.

Sparks Paper Miniatures

They're lots of RPG minis, in font form. Start with the free one and see if they aren't just the most adorable desk-clutter.

HexPaper Pro

If you enjoy hex grids, have I got a font for you. The best way to learn about HexPaper Pro is just to read the guide to using it; it's both a how-to and a catalogue of the font's many grid-styles. Each purchase includes license to use the font commercially for your gaming maps. If you don't like reading guides, this video review is very amusing (plus, I think he liked it).

Fly From Evil

My longest-simmering project is a massive RPG, sourcebook, GMing guide and adventure collection all in one, devoted to pulpy hardboiled crime-drama in the tradition of Chandler, Hammett and Gardner. It's set in San Francisco in the 1930s, and it's not out yet, but it's on that horizon, just over there.

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