Das Boot

The Hammondal poster townmap is nearly done. What's preventing it from being declared a "complete draft" is boats. I've done multiple passes at "populating" the city's harbor and other waterlines with ships and boats, and each one has fallen short of my standards in one way or another. I'll keep poking at it between fontwork and other stuff. I hope to begin some of the building interior maps over the next week, and I'm excited for those! The obligatory spray of development snapshots follows, and I hope this finds you well.

Some Bullets

  • This is the kind of nerdy fun I really appreciate: Scientist Uses Facial Reconstruction Technology On Skyrim Skeleton.
  • Twice this past week I lost a half-hour's mapping work to software crashes, and a half-hour (an hour total) isn't a huge deal, but I've learned over the years that the only way I can get past that kind of work-loss is to re-do it completely differently, so that way it's still got the fun of discovery mixed in. So, there's an alternate dimension somewhere with two glaring differences in the Hammondal map.
  • My life lesson for the day is that I really shouldn't try to eat yogurt when my beard is in "just got out of bed" mode, because my beard wants some of that yogurt, too.
  • Folks with long memories may recall that Tilly's is the only clothing boutique licensed to use artwork from A Kringle in Time, in one of those classic "mall-store uses RPG art" deals we all know so well. Despite this, they are still in business. Sandra and I walked past one a few days ago (the same location we visited back when the deal came to fruition).
  • I finally snagged a copy of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind when Steam had a good sale on it. I only 35% bought it because it uses one of my Gelio fonts for the logo. I also got it because I really liked King of Dragon Pass when I finally played it on Android a few years ago. If you've never tried either, they're basically Management Sims with a strongly atmospheric fantasy-narrative presentation and lots of the gameplay deliberately tucked under the hood. Good stuff.