You Know Things Are Bad...

This evening I've been so saddened by the state of the world (and our own failing country in particular) that I worked on fonts.

I have a kind of hierarchy based on available energy. When I'm feeling very much myself (enthused, excited by possibilities, bubbling over with energy and affection) that's when I'm most likely to dive headfirst into writing. RPG Writing is the most "Me" thing I can do, at least professionally. Other forms of writing too, but less so.

When any of those stacks of spoons are a bit depleted or tarnished, I downshift to game design.

When they're even more depleted, I draw maps (based on existing game design in my notes, just as my writing tends to be).

When they're basically exhausted and I feel incapable of rational or creative thought, I do other forms of graphic design (like the faux stained-glass thingies).

When I feel dumber than a sack of rocks, I work on fonts.

This may explain a lot about my fonts!

But I do still love 'em.

Hope this finds you well, or ... as well as can be, all things considered.

From the Second-Dumbest
Part of My Brain