I'm refocusing my online presence, removing myself from most social media, and putting more eggs in the PDF basket where they can gain a bit of endurance. Some of the articles I'm happiest with from this blog, for example, will be expanded, polished, and typeset as PDFs and possibly produced as ePubs as well (still hammering out the details). They'll be free of charge, of course, though I also have a few newer, never-before-published articles that'll be for sale.

Sandra and I moved back to Denver recently, so we're once again ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the Rocky Mountains, though we also miss the forests and rolling terrain (and game shop) of Wilkes-Barre - and the naughty eastern food we shouldn't think too much about! If you order a Coney dog in this part of the country, they serve you a chili dog! So it goes. On the other hand, we're once again near a Chuy's and an Alamo Drafthouse, so that's a pretty good trade; a bit of Austin on the Front Range. Now if only the coronavirus would see fit to calm itself down.

I'll see if I can't shake the dust off the blog. If you've ever a mind to say hello, or have questions or requests, drop me an email!

Hammondal, Light of the Candle Islands.
A new fantasy city, in a new fantasy world.