Well, Foo

I'm clearly confused by how Blogger works. I tried restoring another stack of articles I'd taken down, and Blogger posted them as all-new articles, which wasn't the intention.

This is where I would love to add "no biggie I'll figure it out" but I'm not entirely sure I will 😅

Ah well. As long as I'm in here: I did finally have that surgery on my eyes the other day, and apparently it went very smoothly (I was out cold, so I have to take their word for it)!

In the aftermath, my eyes are sore and my vision is blurry, but I understand that's temporary (2-7 days according to most of what I've read). It's pretty tiring, but mainly because I keep pretending that I can see and squinting at screens instead of resting.

I've also been Twittering a bit again, which is tiring beyond the visual. These are unhealthy habits.

Anyway, sorry if anyone was confused by those older articles marching out from their graves like that. I've tucked most of them back away. I've left one because I really wanted to restore that one in particular.