Hammondal Today

I wake up each morning excited about Hammondal. I'm working on it constantly (or as constantly as asthma permits, lately) and it gives me that noisy popcorn brain where the elements are enjoying their teeny little explosions, bouncing and colliding and combining ...

And then I'd go burble happily about it on Twitter, and have that enthusiasm bled out of me by that whole "burbling happily into the void" effect. Meh.

So I'm going to let the Twitter account sleep awhile until I have the next thing to announce. In the meantime the poster-map is finalized and Hammondal posters are available at Redbubble.

To keep up with tradition, here's a mindless spew of development snaps offered without explanation or context.

Here's hoping that your enthusiasm, for whatever you're enthused by, remains undimmed.