Fade to Brighter

 A couple of posts ago, in Fade to Bright, I introduced you to a dear love and gaming pal of mine, Paula Repko, who's been having a rough time and needs our help.

This time, I'll mention it by way of an excellent day Paula and I had back in 2016, when they entrusted me with the role of photographer for a personal photo book. With Paula's kind permission, I've created a gallery over on dA with a few of the many shots from that day, and I think you can get a sense of just how joyous the process was: we did indoor and outdoor shots, casual and gently naughty shots, and just talked and laughed and had a grand old time. After we were done, Paula and Sandra and I went out for Chinese and it was just cozy and wonderful. When I think of 2016, it's one of the parts of that year I really love remembering.

And I know that blog posts asking for help are hard to read these days. So many of us are suffering in one way or another right now. But Paula means the world to me, so I can't help but ask. Please consider it, and remember even tiny amounts can add up. Thank you.