Slimes in Blossom Grove: A Free Fantasy Adventure

Oh, I know it's been too long, and this will be too short, but at least I bring good news, however small. There is a new, free fantasy adventure out for Risus and Uresia, called Slimes in Blossom Grove, and it's about a village called Blossom Grove and there are Slimes in it.

It's an unusual work in a couple of ways, including how rapidly it was assembled, specifically to put out something cheerful, quickly, in a dark time. Enough said about that.

But I hope it finds you well, and safe, and maybe in the mood to read.

You can snag the new adventure over at DriveThruRPG. I hope you like it. More bloggery soonish.

If you look close you can almost see the secret file peeking out.
It'll be familiar to blog-readers already, but this is its debut at DTRPG.