Poster Post

Tonight I ordered this poster for myself, a clean white-rooftop lineart version of the Shadow River Cartographic Portrait, mainly to celebrate finishing the design. Someone on Twitter asked if I'd make it available for others to get, so there it is, for a little while, on posters and prints and shower curtains and things if you're feeling ... whatever feeling might inspire you to buy a cartographic shower curtain.

If you'd rather just look at a digital version (this makes the most sense to me), I've also added it to my Scraps Gallery over on DeviantArt. Hit the little download symbols below the image to download the bigger version of the image.

In unrelated news: in my last post I mentioned that we've never seen Orphan Black. Well, now we've polished off two seasons of Orphan Black and started on the third. Wow. And not just for the astonishing performances by the lead, but also for the story density. Major story beats that Joe Random Cable Drama would scrape over half a season, this show chews up and spits out in one or two episodes, and that's pretty refreshing. Good stuff.