We Moved to Pennsylvania

I'd like to blog about the road trip in detail, someday, but that would be a big project. Here's the distilled version.

We knew if we were going to move east anytime soon, it had to be before the winter weather hit, so over the course of September we got packed and stored and in October we hit the road and headed east, with a vague intention of maybe moving to the Philly area unless something caught our fancy along the way.

Nebraska was horrific until we got to Lincoln; Lincoln was a pretty rad town and we were kind of tempted to stay. Iowa was surprisingly beautiful (it's impressive how much prettier rolling farmland is compared to dead-flat farmland), and we went to see Kirk's birthplace and met a cool nerdy lady working at our hotel in Iowa City and talked to her a lot. Illinois was pleasingly industrial and had the first signs of cultural shift, which energized me and we did briefly flirt with just moving up to Racine Wisconsin because Encounter Critical but ultimately decided to just go look at Lake Michigan up close, by which point we were technically in Indiana, where we got excellent trail mix. In Ohio we got the best food we've had all year, and some coffee at a Tim Horton's (a rush of nostalgia for Sandra, and me too!) and a buckeye candy and spent a lot of time away from the Interstates doing winding roads, and decided to detour down to Cumberland so I could brim over with emotion about that and get a coney dog at the old coney dog place (it moved half a block but was otherwise identical) and bum around the bowling alley where I used to play Centipede when Centipede was new.

We didn't move to Philly, but we did stay there for a week or so, including some days in a funky modern experimental hotel downtown, and we found neighborhoods we loved and food we loved and places we loved and not so much with the job and apartment situation.

We tried Delaware for a bit and found an apartment we loved in a neighborhood we didn't love, complete with neighbors we would have loved. We stood there talking to them 'til the sun had gone down.

And then we came to the Wilkes-Barre area up in the Delaware valley and I GM'ed some Risus and we walked around and found a little place we like in a spot we like, so now we live here in northeast Pennsylvania and Sandra got a new gig and I've got a game shop to run Risus at and yay!

[Then we both got super sick from a cold for a while and mine lasted longer because of my respiratory thing but now we're better and Christmas is behind us and I figured it's time to blog and that's the story.]

That's not the story, not all of it, not remotely, but it's ... the adcopy on the back cover of the story, which will have to do for now. Hi everyone! More blogginess soon! Here are some pictures.

A gift shop in Nebraska. I couldn't think of any worthy questions to ask.

Riverside, Iowa. Corn.

When Kirk's parents eventually have sex while this stands in the back yard, will it be awkward? In terms of paradoxes, Kirk's faced worse, but still.

Lake Michigan. We were standing on the Indiana side but could see Chicago across the water, which was cool.

Lead melts at 621 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you're casting lead, you've got about a nine minute window with a fresh cup of Tim Horton's coffee before it cools below that point.

The Coneys of my childhood, five doors down from the original location with carefully reconstructed fake-ass logo damage. As a maker of stressed type, this goes right to my heart. Like the Coney.

Beautiful cheap produce, Philadelphia.

Beautiful cheap produce and a beautiful man making beautiful batches of kettle corn, Philadelphia.

A memento from my first-ever Risus run at my new home-base game shop. A valuable axiom established in play.