A Dungeony Word-Fill

It's been awhile since I've done a pencil-puzzle post, so here's a new wordfill: the Puzzle-Dungeon of the Ancients, stocked with dungeony words and delverish terms.

The intersection of "dungeon map" and "crossword grid" is a hoary old beast but it still makes me smile. I had this sitting around in the drawer for a while (it was originally meant to be the pencil-page for an issue of Cumberland Gamer) and one thing was bothering me: the perfectly grid-fitted look of the original grid. As you can see, I landed on the simple solution of just bending the graphic a bit, and it feels a bit more like a thing.

Like most wordfills, it's a pretty gentle exercise for the intellect, less a jog-around-the-block and more a short-walk-to-the-fridge, but it unfolds nicely with a few logical hurdles right out of the gate. Take pencil to paper and you'll see what I mean!

Hope this finds you well. Drop me a line, if you've a mind to!