Capping More Mapping

The last time I mentioned doing some vidcaps of me town-mapping, I mentioned fancy things like voiceovers and music and that hasn't happened just yet. But, I have figured a few other things out, like cropping the video a bit better, and this time I did a nine-minute chunk (with the same 8x speed boost):

I'm demonstrating the same basic technique, but this time I carry it from blank green to the finished subdivisions of individual buildings (instead of just stopping once I lay down the frontage ruler). I think it explains itself fairly well, but my inbox is always open if anyone has questions.

I'll keep poking at this. I don't think the kind of basic video editing I need to do is difficult; it's just that every new piece of creative software (even the freeware tools I've been fiddling with) feels like dropping into the cockpit of a jet fighter for the first time when you're not familiar with the tools, so my typical response is a pained "eep" followed by desperate scurrying back to Planet Comfort.

For an example of what it looks like when I keep on doing this ... a lot ... see last post!

It doesn't stay orange. Good for separations in Photoshop, though.


Shadow River: Inside's Out

This'll be a short entry, but I just wanted to mark the first public appearance of the entire Shadow River interior, which gives us almost exactly half the Shadow River map (the other half being the exterior, which is trucking along nicely). But, as far as a lot of people who live there are concerned, it gives us the whole thing, because whatever's outside the walls, they don't want to know but they suspect it's bugs. They're not entirely wrong.

Anyway, this mockup makes me smile. I hope it does that for you, too.

It's the Ridiculous Hedge Mazes That Really Bring the Snoot to the Snooty Districts

If you'd like to chat about mapping (or whatever) my inbox is always open!