An Age of Re-Runs

And I don't mean Linus' little brother, though he'll always be a favorite of mine. Lots of keen observations from the back of his mom's bicycle.

No, I mean from the Blue Room, and from the Cumberland Games website. As part of a general winding-down, I'm shuttering those websites in the near future, and bit-by-bit, I'll be re-running the most worthy parts of them here. It'll be simpler, going forward, if this is my web presence. It's easier to update and maintain, works decently well on a mobile browser, and since Blogger is a Google product, I know it'll never go away.

[waits for laughter to subside]

This raises some questions, of course. and I've got rock-solid answers to 5% of them, but that number will improve.

All formally-announced Cumberland Games projects remain underway and remain targeted for publication; they'll just not have webpages except at DriveThru/RPGNow. If there's something you're waiting for, like Risus modules or the new Risus Companion for example, those are still in progress, along with other stuff like Eye of the Galaxy and Intruder Moon and Fly From Evil.

I won't be adding any new Cumberland Games projects to my roster. The current checklist is intended to be the final one. I've updated the Writer's Guidelines accordingly.

Some in-progress but never-formally-announced projects (like Welcome to the Valley and Immoral Orders) will have a less certain fate. I'll almost certainly finish writing them (medically, I have no choice but to write them), but I might not publish them in the usual way (I might just distribute them privately to friends, or seek another publisher for them). The difference in labor between "writing a book" and "producing a book for publication," even when it's digital, is a considerable one, and at the end of the day, I'm still a writer who just happens to wear a lot of other hats.

I will seek long-term support solutions for all Cumberland titles, including the possibility of selling them to more robust gaming houses. I'll still do the odd bit of freelancing. The odder the better.

So the main visible change in the near term is just retiring the old websites, and moving the core of everything here. Since I maintain a kind of tip-of-the-iceberg relationship between what I'm making and what I let into the wild world, there won't be much difference to see, at least at first. The biggest impact will be ... well, I hope you've been meaning to re-read the Big List of RPG Plots, because that's [part of what's] on the menu.

I welcome your comments, concerns, recipes and RPG chatter. That's what the inbox is for; help me keep the cobwebs out.