Risus: Pumpkin Spice 2018

The air is crisp, the leaves are turning, and our thoughts drift to home and hearth, wistful reflection, and fascination for pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin spice candy, pumpkin spice breakfast cereal, pumpkin spice ice cream, pumpkin spice tea, pumpkin spice omelets, pumpkin spice pasta, pumpkin spice salad dressing, pumpkin spice sriracha, pumpkin spice mouthwash, pumpkin spice Doritos, pumpkin spice running shoes, pumpkin spice contact lenses, pumpkin spice catheter bags, and genetically-engineered pumpkin-spice offspring who we'll one day drive to pumpkin spice soccer practice on a tank of pumpkin spice unleaded.

But few things express the gentle melancholy of autumn like Risus: Pumpkin Spice Edition, because nothing says free, rules-light roleplaying like the taste of sweetened gourd.

Space LCB is Seasonally Confused

If you remember my post on trace graphics, you'll be able to mentally jog through the vector-surgery that went into the revised graphics for this edition, which was an interesting exercise! Part of the process of working on the new version of the Risus Companion is revisiting old LCBs, so this process provided some useful practice in bringing them up to a certain speed.

Anyway, just an annual bit of silliness. The big difference this time is that there are differences; the original 2014 edition is finally retired, and this version will be retired sometime soon, with an all-new 2019 version on the slate for next year.

Happy autumn, and if you're curled up with a hot drink and feeling mellow, all you need now is an email conversation. My inbox is always open.