All The Small Things

Three Small Movie Notes

  • I basically liked The Happytime Murders. It missteps, it overplays, it trods old boards and so on, but I think the wave of hateful reviews is just the usual feeding-frenzy where critics realize they can get away with the raw fun of catty writing, because they don't get to every day. They have communal permission with this one, so they dig in.
  • Personally I just want to know how Goofer knew what Goofer knew.
  • I really want to see The Miseducation of Cameron Post but the only theater showing it locally is an environment hostile to my asthmatic cough (cold, breezy, and they can't sell me a gigantic Diet Coke to sip on to keep the cough under control because they're too pretentious for artificial sweeteners).

Three Small Risus Things

  • In addition to Google Play, you can now snag Risus via Nook, Tolino or iTunes.
  • If you enjoy listening to Risus games in podcasty form, there's a new one to enjoy this week, thanks to the I Am Hear podcast and International Podcast Month. I recommend it; they're a fun bunch.
  • I'm a few years too late, but I finally snagged a copy of Dragons in the Stacks: A Teen Librarian's Guide to Tabletop Role-Playing just to luxuriate in the kind words it has for Risus.

Three Small Personal Truths

  • I listen to Christmas music all year round. Not every day or anything, but randomly at any time.
  • I drink very little alcohol, but I browse big-box liquor stores just to soak up the concentrated doses of graphic-design on the labels. 
  • In certain contexts, the cruelest and most savage projectile in my insult arsenal is simply "I see you've enjoyed the convenience of the default H&J settings."

I think it's very good, but I liked The Happytime Murders. And saw Solo seven times.