Risus on Google Play

I'm gingerly dipping a toe into the Google Play environment, and more specifically, Risus: The Anything RPG is now available (free, of course) from Google Play Books.

We're pretty much a Google household, so this fits into my own reading habits and may find Risus a few new eyes in the long run. Plus, when reading Risus in a web-browser, it has a kind of storybook look that tickles me.

Plus, I'm Just Ticklish.

What I like most about it is that they store a PDF version and the free-flowing version together as a single entity, and you can easily switch between them if the book has both typeset and ePub source files, which Risus does. In the same menu where you'd change the font size, you can switch between "Flowing Text" view and "Original Pages" view.

For titles without an ePub, like Uresia: Grave of Heaven, "Original Pages" is the only view (but now I'm more curious than ever about maybe adding a flowing version of Uresia someday ... it's a bit trickier for a book like that, since things like sidebars and price tables can feel jarring jammed into a linear text-flow).

Google Play would never do as the primary channel for Cumberland Games, alas, due to limitations in the form. PDFs can't have layers or interactive elements, for instance (Uresia normally has removable borders and backgrounds, a clicky Index and so on, all of which vanish in the GPB version, which is actually a high-resolution raster) and it lacks the flexibility of the full "master version" of Risus with the multiple PDF variants and such.

But ... it's still kind of nice (and Google Uresia is currently half the price of the regular version), so it's a pleasant side-dish, as it were.

And this absolutely cements my decision to insure the forthcoming Risus Companion 2nd Ed releases with an an ePub version, which will be a benefit to those buying it through OBS or elsewhere, even if the Google Play option remains a curious side-show. So there's that. In the meantime, Risus is now available on another platform that may be newbie-friendly in ways the other formats can't touch. Got any thoughts on all this? My inbox is always open.