Risus in Costume

For this week's Interactive Sunday I want to highlight the embarrassing limits of my skill at interacting, but more importantly, I want to highlight people playing Risus in costume. Conveniently, they intersect.

I abandoned Twitter in the autumn of 2016, for the obvious reason one might associate with that point on the timeline. Around the same time, I abandoned Facebook, shut down all but a couple of the Cumberland mailing lists, and so on. Each of these points of separation endured, until it occurred to me I should let more folks know about Rolltop Indigo if I want anyone to actually read the thing. I do.

So, I poked a toe back in Twitter's direction, to promote the blog. Naturally, there was a small stack of unread direct messages, tag-alerts, likes and so on, trapped in sap and slowly crystallizing.

A few were tweets referencing a podcast, posted by actress and gamer Meghan Caves, and by the Saving Throw Show.

Nice Production Values! So, Clearly Nothing To Do With Me.

I glanced at the tweets but didn't really understand them or know who these folks even were. Seemed to be some kind of actual-play podcasty thing ... but glancing over the relevant feeds I caught references to Deadlands and D&D and such so I wasn't sure why I'd been tagged. Maybe someone remembered that I was somehow involved with the 5E Player's Handbook and just thought I'd be interested? I couldn't figure it out in the 15 seconds I allotted to the process, and it was late at night and I had come to Twitter with a mission, so I made my Tweets and signed out before I got sucked in. It lingered in my thoughts, though. I mentioned it to Sandra and she suggested it was some kind of autocomplete typo, that they probably didn't even intend to tag me at all ... which made more sense than anything I could come up with.

Time passed. A few days ago, Google started poking ads at me for their new Google Podcasts app. My responses cycled between "Google only just now has a podcast app?" and "may as well try it; my Google serfdom is complete."

I installed the new app and searched right away for Risus. I've heard some cool Risus-related podcasts now and again and never mind hearing more. And the first podcast that came up in the search had the same name as the thing I'd been tagged about, which was still lingering in my cloudy cranium.

At which point I deduced with Holmesian certainty: I am a slow-witted doofus man.

So, just in case you're as outside this loop as I was: Meghan Caves GM'ed a three-part mini-campaign using her own twist on Risus: The Anything RPG wed to the scenario presented by the Mysterium board game and they live-broadcast each session on Twitch, in 1920s period costume. That's pretty awesome, but it's not even my favorite part. My favorite part is that it was only Meghan's second stab at GMing.

I'm a pretty good GM but it took me a few stabs to get it right. Meghan is a clearly superior stabbinator. If you're keen to see (and you should be), here's the entire run, in three reasonably epic YouTube videos:

You can also snag them in podcast form via the Google app or whichever method you prefer. That's how I've been consuming them because I just learned about the videos while prepping this blogpost. Because even when I'm finally clued in, I remain a slow-witted doofus man.

The Great Vano looks exactly as I pictured him.

Know any more cool Risus things I should be clued-in about? Or just want to chat about GMing or adventure design or game cartography with a well-meaning, slower-than-average doofusy fellow? My inbox is open.

I Hadn't Been on Twitter for This Graphic. D'oh.