My least-favorite thing to wake up to this morning was the news. My favorite thing to wake up to was the trailer for On the Basis of Sex, since it lives at the intersection of my Ruth Bader Ginsburg fandom and my Felicity Jones fandom:

In today's laptoppery, I'm making my first baby-steps toward emulating old Yes album-cover lettering, if by "baby steps" we mean a baby that is still limited to lying on its back and pooping.

I'm still working on the M. And better o's and n's.

Those of you who track my long-simmering Encounter Critical projects can probably put 2 and 2 together there. It's ... actually kind of wonderful to be working entirely from Jim's perspective on a thing (well, there's a bit of Dave Cunningham as well). I firmly believe our hobby needs more James Ireland. If none of that makes sense: don't worry. That will never change.

Mostly, work has just been Risus Risus Risus (in Space Space Space) ... which is also excellent. But like an EC thing sometimes does, this EC thing has me distracted today.

In this-here-blog news, I'm compiling a distilled Glossary page of the RPG Lexicon terms I've covered so far, and It'll grow as the Lexicon posts dribble out. As noted recently, I'm no longer committed to dribbling them at any particular rate, but ... they're things I feel strongly about writing, so the Glossary will be a handy adjunct going forward. I'll be posting that soon.

In utterly personal news, I just want some lasagna. Dieting is stressful.

Finally, if you're ever up late at night (give or take 24 hours for time zones) and want to chat about pen-and-paper RPGs while I play mindless videogames, this is the link to click for that. I've been streaming more frequently lately, but it's more fun with friends to chatter at! If you're ever in the mood for that kind of chatter and I'm not online, feel free to prod me by email; if it's deep in the moonlighty night, there's a good chance I'll be game.

Hope this finds you gaming and well-fed (send pasta pics; staring counts as a free food).