Like the shameless egotist I am, I have Google notify me when I'm summoned, so I can show up in an opera-style devil costume and mug at strangers through a foggy mirror. Type my name and I shall appear.

The result is mostly noise, not because my work is a ubiquitous topic, but because there are always dozens of new free-to-download font sites cropping up to sell ads and distribute malware, because if you want to build a such a site, all you need to do for content is poach the existing sites and voila. This is why I only bother uploading to DaFont and sometimes FontSpace (both of which are legit, long-term and ethical sources). Within a week or two, any font I post there appears on several hundred dodgier downstream sites, often with the ReadMe stripped out and/or replaced by advertising or virusy "installers" (fonts don't need installers, but not everyone knows that).

Which should be a pretty simple lesson on where to download your fonts. A word to the wise.

Anyway, this brings us to GURPS, obviously. Dragon's Lair posted this the other day.

And I just stared at it for a minute wondering how true it is. Like, did that really happen? With me or Robin?

I guess it's been so many years, now, that I had to pause and unreel it.

I mean, I loves me some "Mad Lands" (Icfrom) as much as anyone (I've found myself idly wondering if it'll enjoy a surge of popularity in response to the new Christopher Robin movie), but Laws was also involved with OtE at the time, I think. GURPS Fantasy II was his first book, but not his first RPG writing, I think.

And it just occurred to me that he and Christopher Robin share that whole "Robin" thing and I feel silly for never noticing before. Christopher Robin Laws. I dig it. Pooh Emoji.

My first book wasn't for GURPS at all. It was Weirder Tales: A Space Opera for Tales From the Floating Vagabond from Avalon Hill (there's a Risus version in the works; got the rights several years back, just been taking my time to get it right, as I do).

But, my first article sale was a GURPS article to Roleplayer, a kind of GURPS mini-mag I loved to pieces, back in the day.

And I still bold-italic a book or game title, and regular-italic a periodical title, because that's what the Steve Jackson Games Writer's Guidelines told me to do. So there's that.

We both had books that suffered a little from company caution, I daresay. Calling Robin's book GURPS Fantasy II was a bit of an indignity, hiding its considerable and bizarre light under a bushel (and disappointing anyone who mistook it for some kind of sequel or companion to GURPS Fantasy, to which it bore no relation).

My own GURPS Russia wasn't mislabeled GURPS Vikings II or anything, but it became an experiment in direct marketing out of a similar (I believe) sense of we're-not-sure-if-this-is-too-niche.

Hm. But overall, yeah. I can see it.

I guess if it got Robin his first book contract, that's a launchy thing.

And I guess if it got me my first article sale, that's a launchy thing.

So I guess it is true, or true enough. I just  never thought of it that way.

Which may just be down to shameless egotism. And my devil costume.