Casual Wear

It had been my intention to work the blog hard for at least six months, to see if it might succeed, but after two months its level of failure was so dramatic, so inescapably clear, as to render those efforts at best quixotic, and more realistically, pathetic.

Rolltop Indigo will keep rolling on. This will remain the living incarnation of Blue Desk for the foreseeable. But, on no particular schedule, with no particular structure and no repeating features apart from the Writing Workshops (which have supported themselves).* Switching from the regular denim to the elastic waistband, basically. Not much point putting on the fancy gear for an empty concert hall, so let's move this act across the street to the pub.

There's a better-than-fair chance this will mean I post more often. Sometimes.

Legend of the Lost Sparks Set!

* Rolltop Indigo is correspondence-supported, like it says in the sidebar thingy. The Writing Workshops have generated a sufficient volume of correspondence to sustain themselves, so a big heartfelt thank you to the workshop-folk! There'll be a new workshop soon. I'm considering adding a short series of easier ones, too, to supplement the bone-crunchers. Let me know what you think.