Blessed Redundancy

To say that I've done a glossary of a lexicon is weirdly redundant, but making the title of this post Blessed Redundancy brings us full circle and repairs the damage. I choose to believe that's how it works.

As promised recently, the Glossary is now here, hoping to serve a handful of functions. First, it lets me be lazy from now on when plugging hyperlinks into every new installment of the RPG Lexicon series of posts. Second, it provides a single URL for others to use, if they have need of a simple gateway to said series. Third, it can provide a refresher for those times when it's been too long between posts, and fourth, I will cuddle up with it when no one's watching.

It's what Blogger calls a 'page' instead of a 'post,' since it's meant to change regularly (every time the series grows). I'm not sure if doing it as a page has any hidden disadvantages; I'm still new to bloggery and treat it like black magic. It might also properly belong on the Blue Room, but Rolltop Indigo is part of the Blue Room, and it just feels like this is the part where it belongs.

If you follow the Lexicon posts, I hope you find this useful for keeping it all sorted and, fair or foul, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, and the design-topics it means to shine a light on. 'Til next time.

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