Under the Randomness

I'm feeling a little under the ... not really the weather. Under something. So I'll open with two photographs chosen via random slideshow from my photo archives. Here is a snap of some of the local terrain (taken, I'm reasonably sure, in Poudre Canyon, just northwest of town):

And, thanks to the vagaries of pseudo-random number generators, here's a photo of a burritoid, heating in a pan.

We call them burritoids, rather than burritos, to indicate "they're kind of reminiscent of something like a burrito, and that's our level of commitment to what they are." When Sandra and I were watching fewer dietary details, they were a favorite easy food to keep on hand. I'd make around twenty at a time in a big batch, then freeze them, then reheat them halfway in the microwave and finish them in a dry skillet (as shown) to give them a nice crispness. They contained no refritos (burrit-oids, remember); we used mashed potato for the starch, plus lots of ground beef and some onion and chili peppers and the seasonings you'd expect (especially the cumin). They were nice. Not remotely good for you, but warming and substantial.

I miss burritoids. Heck, I miss Poudre Canyon - the weather's just now remembering what spring is like, so we haven't seen it yet this year. We'll see it a lot through the summer, though; it's a favorite.

I've got a good topic for Interactive Sunday, though. One of my very favorite forms of interaction: actual for-real gaming. I'd really like to GM some one-shots online in the coming weeks. Videochat-style, over ye olde internette. If you're a roleplayer, and a night person (alternately, a day person living in a very different time-zone), drop me a line immediately please, so we can get some sessions planned. My timezone here is Mountain Time (UTC-07:00), and I like to begin around 10, 10:30 in the PM. Sessions run 3 hours and change, usually.

I'm not looking to set up a campaign right now, just single adventures in a variety of genres, running a tour of my favorite short adventures. It'll be Risus more than half the time, most likely, but also Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia, TFOS, Ghostbusters, some Doctor Who (the AITAS version) and others. Some of them will be playtest runs for works in progress; many will just be one-shots of zero consequence (except for that lingering glow of awesome).