Truck Stop Fantasies

Last night, Sandra and I went to our local truck stop to get some supper and poke at our respective work. We're a common sight at a few of the local diners, sitting laptop-to-laptop and bopping along to whatever's in our earbuds.

We wandered the gift shop before heading home, which led to some quick fontspotting, truck stop style:

Dirty Headline graces a meteorological instrument
I guess the bizarro man-cave thermometer got me in a certain headspace. I became fascinated with these hyper-gaudy snap-case metal-frame clutch ... things ... adorned with fake jewels and winged crucifixes and bits of turquoise and horseshoes. Inside, they were arranged wallet-style with pockets and fold-overs the color of butterscotch pudding.

Their romantic appeal is unmistakable.

They were just so aggressively, confidently awful that my brain bubbled over with gaming possibilities.

Specifically, how I could format a special booklet version of Risus or the core Fly From Evil rules that would fit the case exactly (Encounter Critical, for the orange one), and business-card sized character sheets (both blanks and pregens) and how there was plenty of room in the case for small dice, scrap paper and a pencil or two.

And the whole point would be ... I have no idea. To cause concern among my fellow gamers? To see how long it would take for someone to muster a carefully-worded comment?

The urge passed. I didn't do it. I just thought about it. In detail. But I suppose it's true that we all have a secret dark side.