Trick or Treat?

Today's Interactive Sunday is a bit lightweight, but that's because it's my mailbag, and my mailbag has only a tiny stack of emails in it so far.

It's a really big bag, emails don't weigh a lot, and I clearly have no sympathy for the innocent metaphors I torment.

On the good-news front, I have another, more substantive post today. It's good news if you like it when I ramble about RPG design semantics. For better or worse, I do love a semantic ramble now and then.

But if you'd rather I ramble about GMing, or worldbuilding, or mapping, or cooking or stick figures or anaglyphic photography or whichever, let me know. I take requests, with good intentions. In particular, I'd love to write more about GMing, to help the blog keep from lopsiding over into writing and/or design all the time. You can help that happen by tossing me some topics you'd like to see me address ... GMing is a mountain of topics. Some of them, I'm really good at. Some of them, I'm hilariously bad at. That's a win-win, in bloggy terms.

But sincerely, if you'd like to see my take on something else (GMing or otherwise), don't be shy. I love corresponding.

No Reason. Probably.