Three Updates

I've updated the Cumberland Games Writer's Guidelines, and the big news with this update is that I'm now seeking proposals for small (thousand-word) pieces for Risus, Uresia, and Encounter Critical gamers, for the upcoming Cumberland newsletter, Cumberland Gamer. And the big news within that news is the Encounter Critical part; this is the first time in the history of the Guidelines where EC has been on the menu, and I'm glad to finally have it there. If you're an EC fan with an urge to create, I hope you're excited, too! I think EC is fertile territory for high-energy short works (it's practically made of fertilizer).

Dust Jacket from the EC Hardcover at Lulu

The first Cumberland Gamer is in production and will include material for Risus, EC and Uresia, along with other, even more ridiculous stuff. The newsletter will appear on No Particular Schedule, but if people sell me cool articles, it'll be a lot faster.

I've also updated (read: completely overhauled) one of the older pencil-puzzles on the Blue Room: The Bigass RPG Word Fill. Eagle-eyed Dave LeCompte found some broken parts in the previous version that might have rendered it unsolvable! Since that puzzle was from so long ago, and I couldn't find any of my source files in the archives, I re-built it from the ground up rather than drag it into the darkness where it might reasonably belong. It's still a mean, mean monster, but now it's had its shots.

Finally, a bloggy update on the RPG Writing Workshop thing for Sundays: I've now heard from around 20 interested writers who will/maybe-might participate. I need a rock-solid five ... and I'm not 100% sure, just yet, what the ratio of maybes to rock-solids really is. If it's 4:1 or better, we're good to go, but either way, it's time to find out, this Sunday. I'd still love to hear from more writers, though, so please, if you know anyone who might enjoy it, spread the word.