Oh, man. Star Wars Day. I'm bad at this.

This very specific this, the Star Warsing.

I have anecdotes as a Star Wars RPG guy, going back across the years, including the gentle tragedy of my brief time with West End Games, my later project for Wizards, and just lots of good homebrew fun adventuring in that galaxy long ago, far away.

I've got that picture of me from '78 or '79 looking cute in my Star Wars jammies.

I've got a lot to draw on, riff on.

My problems are more like ...

I love Rebels and I'm still coming down from that last season. It really went from strength to strength. I'm going to miss that crew with a real sense of heartache, but in the meantime Rebels has become, collectively, my second-favorite A.V. Star War, right after mighty Empire.

I'm in the group that loved (loved-loved-lovedLast Jedi. I'm even in the nichier group who loved Canto Bight.

Also? Loved Rogue One. Loved it so hard I read the Chirrut and Baze YA novel. A bit lightweight, as you might expect, but damn, really nailed the voices of Chirrut and Baze, and their relationship. So much to explore there ... the unshakeable faith of Chirrut, the already-shaken of Baze. That's good stuff. Disney can disgorge all the Guardians of the Whills adventures they care to, and I'll probably give any of 'em a chance. I cannot abide an unguarded whill.

I can't be sure if I'll love Solo: A Star Wars Story but I've been digging the latest trailers pretty hard. I thought Alden was fantastic in Hail, Caesar! so I'm ready for that guy to step into the role as Han Solo. [Note from the future: I loved Solo and want to live in it]. Some people seem lined up to not love it, like they've already got their Mon Calamari bibs on for a juicy feast of disapproval.

So for awkward reasons, Star Wars feels a little exhausting right now.

Anyway, next year I'll write about the WotC thing. Until then, May the Force Be With Us. Always.