Paving Material Provided By Good Intentions

Down the road, I want to make Sunday the day for posting interactive posts, and in particular I want to start with a stripped-down, blog-centric version of my RPG writing workshops, where I'll post a new RPG writing mini-assignment. Each will be self-contained to a single post (with a follow-up later on where I post everyone's writing anonymously). The required commitment level will be on the scale of "write a single paragraph, if you feel like it."

I've made a few attempts to translate my face-to-face workshops to the 'net, and every time, the commitment level is the stumbling block. People tend to enjoy it, find value in it, write me back a year later and remind me it's still been useful in their pursuits ... good stuff. What they don't always do is stick with it for the entire length of the workshop. And I get that. Life is life. It interferes. The face-to-face ones always work, but they've got everyone sitting in the same room with no distractions. It's just different.

So this new version is stripped down to the bare minimum of commitment, while still – I suspect – providing a lot of the value of the full workshop (even for those just reading along). Due to the new format, it'll also be open to RPG writers of every experience level, from the barely-curious to get-off-my-lawn old-timers like me. And you can drop in and out as you please, exercise-to-exercise. No harm. It's also open to prior participants in the workshops, face-to-face or online.

I don't want to start it just yet, though, because the blog is still so very young, with the earliest trickling of an audience wandering into the theater, as it were. But, I hope to start it in a few weeks, if there's interest. How will I know? Well, if you're an RPG writer or want to be an RPG writer or don't want to be an RPG writer but still enjoy comparing your writing to that of others, and feel like you might therefore sometimes maybe participate in these little Sunday exercises, just take a moment to email me and say so. A quick note like "Yeah I'd maybe do that" and we're good. Once I hear from a handful of folks, I'll give it a try. If you know someone who might be interested, please let 'em know.

And if you want to also correspond beyond the quick note? If it's about RPG writing, I am so very in.