Out of Cryo

It's been four years since my homepage, The Blue Room, had a "Blue Desk" update (and they'd gotten pretty sluggish by then). It's been sixteen years since the Crossword Page got a new crossword puzzle. So we'll begin with a fresh take on both. This is Rolltop Indigo, the Blue Room Blog, successor to the old Blue Desk updates, and the appropriately-titled Out of Cryo is the new crossword puzzle, a "Tiny Terror" you can knock out in a few minutes.

The lingering question, then, is who the heck am I, and what's a Blue Room anyway? I'm S. John Ross. Hi! I make games and fonts, mostly. I'm a nerd, entirely. The Blue Room is just my homepage. It's been around for quite a few years, and for better or worse, it looks it.

The subject matter of Rolltop Indigo, then, is the same as the Blue Room, and that means I'll be posting rambling thoughts and full-fledged articles and images and things related to pen-and-paper RPGs (mostly), cooking (hopefully a lot), fontmaking and mapmaking and photography and game design and graphic design and ... stuff that I like. That makes it what they call a personal blog ... I'm not here to represent a specific product (but you'll see a lot about Cumberland Games, which is me) or some broad concept for a book (I've written more than a few books; that'll come up, too). It's just whatever I like, and if you give the Blue Room a look, you'll learn what that means. If you like it there, you'll like it here.

And that's enough to get us started.