Not My First Rodeo

In a sense, the old Blue Desk was blogging before we called it blogging, but I just thought of it as "homepage updates." So I guess that's prior blogging, ish.

More precisely, I had a blog for a little while last year, called RPGs: Art & Craft, and like the Electric Banana, it's not there anymore.

RPGAC was a high-concept sort of blog. It would only be articles with some substance to them, and it would only be about exemplary, inspiring examples of great RPGing, whether that meant writing, design, GMing, clever play ... anything worthy of gushy superlatives and contemplation. With a laser-locked focus on awesomeness and an unwritten but never-in-doubt focus on my particular gaming jam (traditional tabletop RPG with an emphasis on exploring the full potential of Tactical Infinity and characterizing choice) it was my dream blog: the kind I want to subscribe to, re-visit, love.

Which paralyzed it, because while those are the ideals I steer my ship by, they offered no voice for the rest of it: the context, the struggles, the negative examples which are lessons too. Plus, no room for just yabbering on the latest Marvel movie or how stoked I am for the next season of Doctor Who.

I am, for the record, so very stoked for the next season of Doctor Who.

Anyway, for those who enjoyed the three articles that passed the high bar I set for RPGAC, they'll re-appear here (along with some social-media material worth preserving). I'll also continue writing blog posts which live up to those ideals ... but I'm also going to relax and let myself just post whatever, because the whatever is often my favorite.