Chocolate Goat Dinosaurs

I should begin with a solemn promise that I'll keep font-spotting posts to a careful minimum, but I do create fonts, which began as projects directly attached to my RPG work and then ... I just kept on making them. And I do like spotting them (and when others spot 'em and let me know)!

If  you like fonts and want to see how junky mine are (a few are nice), I keep a small collection at Cumberland, and there are better (though still incomplete) selections at the better fonty sites like DaFont and FontSpace. When I'm proud of a new font (I wish that were always; it's more an addiction than a creative calling) I post them on the Free Stuff of the Moment page.

Today's font-spotting begins with a sad end to a beautiful love story. The Alter Eco folks (they'll sell you candybars and quinoa and things) have been making gorgeous use of my A Love of Thunder font for years, now ... (you can see it on every label with Toffee or Truffles in the pic) and I thought we'd just go on that way forever ... staring into each others' eyes, doing reacharounds.

But then, I visit them at the supermarket and there are two new labels, with a ... a younger ... thinner font.

I see how it is, Alter Eco. I see how it is. I'll be at my sister's.

But you know who does love some thunder? Some thunder lizards, and LEGO Chris Pratt.


The leaflet (which LEGO gave me a digital peek at) is chock full of the font; there's even a page where it basically stars (where the LEGO fans, young and old, learn "LEGO Morse Code").

Kroger's still getting jaunty with the Thunder, too (snap by my adorable Newfie wife, Sandra):

But if you're exhausted, now, by Thunderous Loves and the way they do, and just want to read something ghastly (that's their term for it; I'm just using it) there's a lovely use of my Hultog font going on at Pale Mountain Press:

They produce a comic called Necrophobia, and they make regular use of Hultog, a font long-time Uresia fans will know well from many of the maps and other Uresia things. Since you can read Necrophobia on the web right now, I'll leave you to do that very thing. Beware, though. Ghastly.